Your Search for the Optimal Skin Brightener Ends Here: SkinMTX® Alpha Optimal Brightener

Be completely captivated by this luminating essence, which hosts an array of revolutionary skin-nourishing ingredients. Each component has been specially picked for its synergistic ability to achieve brighter, smoother skin.

SkinMTX® Alpha Optimal Brightener’s star ingredient is Alpha Arbutin, a safe and efficacious active that provides superior brightening and spot-prevention properties. A botanically-derived active extracted from berries, Alpha Arbutin assists in the blocking of epidermal melanin biosynthesis¹, preventing the formation of pigmentation right from the start. It also targets existing melanin deposits by shattering them to reveal a clear luminous complexion in a shorter time.

Alpha Arbutin has been proven to have far superior results, even when compared to its chemically-similar molecules – hydroquinone and beta arbutin. In addition to higher efficacy, it also boasts a better safety profile compared to hydroquinone, and is more stable when compared to beta arbutin. These characteristics makes it the ideal active for the brightening of complexion and minimization of dark spots on the skin.

That’s not all – SkinMTX® Alpha Optimal Brightener has another superior skin brightening active sealed within its contents!

Alpine Plant-Derived Skin Brightener is composed of an optimal blend of seven plants from the Swiss Alps, specifically formulated to penetrate deep into the skin and achieve maximum efficacy. It has been proven to have significant skin brightening effects and helps reduce the colour and size of age spots². Talk about a double whammy for those spots!

If uneven skin tone is one of your main concerns, SkinMTX® Alpha Optimal Brightener is your best bet to efficiently restore a brightened complexion within a shorter duration – minus the side effects!

Experience a unified skin tone that boasts suppleness and smoothness, without the risks typically associated with harsh brightening actives.

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¹WO 01/60324 Pentapharm Japan 

² In vivo test at a concentration of 5% Alpine Plants Skin Brightener to measure skin brightening activity and reduction of age spots colour intensity.