Telomeres & Aging

Wrinkles may appear on skin’s surface, but scientists have found that the aging process is linked to telomeres, end caps of DNA that protects the chromosomes. With each cell division, the telomeres get progressively shorter. Chromosomal DNA is compromised when the telomeres wear out, causing cellular senescence. Telomeres are also shortened by stress, diet and other external factors.

Mechanism of Action

TeloZyme Complex™ is an analog of natural isoprene that:

  • Improves redox control of stressed tissues
  • Enhances protection of telomeres to increase cell longevity

This in turns prolongs cellular and tissue life-span, allowing cells to escape the typical cell senescence pathway.

The benefits of TeloZyme Complex™ extends to all the cells of the skin including keratinocytes, melanocytes, fibroblasts and endothelial cells. This sparks cellular renewal of the skin, ensuring a marked improvement in key skin parameters.


IN VITRO STUDY: TeloZyme Complex™ Delays Cell Senescence

Normal human fibroblasts were exposed to TeloZyme Complex™ and laboratory cultured with alongside a control culture. For the control fibroblasts, a very clear “falloff” was observed with a marked drop in the division rate by T3.5 months. For the cells exposed TeloZyme Complex™, the fibroblasts retained their replicative capability until T7 months.

TeloZyme Complex™ delays cell senescence by 3.5 months for a total culture duration of 9.5 months. The results* clearly demonstrate the protective effect of TeloZyme Complex™ with respect to cell aging.


IN VIVO STUDY: TeloZyme Complex™ Corrects Skin Aging

Simple blind study including 24 women, 58±6 years old, with wrinkles and not having used anti-age products for at least 1 month. No intentional UV exposure. Twice daily application of a cream formulated with TeloZyme ComplexTM for 6 months. Evaluation of the functional and structural signs of aging at 1 and 6 months.