SkinMTX® Dermat Advanced Reconditioning Cream wins BeautyWorld Middle East Awards 2021

We’re super psyched!

Out of 190 entries, SkinMTX® Advanced Reconditioning Cream was awarded the Niche Beauty Product of the Year in the Beautyworld Middle East Awards 2021 held at Ritz Carlton, Dubai!

Quoted from one of the judges – “It (addresses) the sensitivity of the skin” and “is something that is in demand today. There’s a lot of demand for surgeries, and for products post surgery. Marrying that with the sensitive skin aspect is worth the award!”

Why Is Post Surgery Care So Important?

Most cosmetic procedures create a skin injury that stimulates the natural healing process to obtain the desired effect, altering the physical and chemical properties of the skin.

This increases the risk of complications, such as allergies, erythema, infections, hyperpigmentation, and scarring among others which could cause psychosocial effects like anxiety, reduced self-esteem, or even lead to depression.

With the right post-treatment care, besides ensuring minimal post-procedure side effects, it helps maintain positive results of laser treatments and prevent scars¹.

Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Outcome

While most post-procedure creams offer barrier repair and additional moisturisation for compromised skin, SkinMTX Advanced Reconditioning Cream goes the extra mile!

SkinMTX’s Advanced Reconditioning Cream is part of our Dermat range that is specially formulated to provide essential post-procedure care to maximise the procedure outcome, speed up recovery, minimise risks of infection and scarring while providing comfort from tenderness and itching.

It’s a remarkable protective cream that speeds up skin regeneration and aids in the recovery of the skin barrier after harsh aesthetic procedures. It protects the skin from excessive dryness, redness, and irritations with its potent calming and reparative ingredients. Designed to create an optimum environment for skin to recuperate, the complex of ceramide and bisabolol provides a protective “second skin”, shielding the underlying skin from external aggressors while it helps the skin rebuild its moisture barrier.

With a special tripeptide that protects skin against premature aging and glycation, it also helps in promoting firmer skin while 7 botanical extracts imparts soothing relief to skin while improving skin’s resilience against environmental aggressors. This results in healthier skin that results in a renewed, pristine-looking complexion.

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