Multifacted Skin Regenerative Powerhouse: SkinMTX® Peptide Serum+

We’ve all heard about the wonderful rejuvenative powers of stem cells and growth factors in skincare, part of the skin care industry’s constant search for breakthrough technologies. These scientifically-driven active ingredients can penetrate deeply into the skin, working on a much deeper level to provide amazing skin reparative capabilities.

SkinMTX® has harnessed these incredible innovations in skincare in our quest to formulate the ultimate skin cellular reparative elixir. This power-packed serum is a cut above typical skin rejuvenation products in the market, with its proprietary extraction and encapsulation technologies, giving rise to superb reparative properties that helps to accelerate skin regeneration and rejuvenation.


Typical stem cell serums in the market often uses whole plant extracts, a dated technology that does not allow for the exact quantity of stem cells to be determined. The secret in SkinMTX® Peptide Serum+ is its infusion of a high-count lab-cultured plant cells. This next-gen innovation allows the formulation to contain a precise and quantifiable dose of undifferentiated stem cells derived from a plant’s basic building blocks. The outcome is a formulation with very high bioavailability that can consistently deliver complexion rejuvenation that surpasses expectations.


Another superior addition to this formulation is the double-layer encapsulated growth factors that helps to boost the proliferation of key skin cell components such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes and fibronectin. This unique encapsulation delivery technique helps to maximise penetration on to skin, delivering the growth factors deep into cellular levels where it is most effective. It also has the added advantage preserving the stability and efficacy of the growth factors in skincare formulations, one of the typical weaknesses in non-encapsulated growth factor products.


This multifaceted formulation reboots 3 major skin functions including the physical barrier, chemical barrier as well as the hydra memory function. Skin regenerative functions are boosted, moisture saturation returns to the skin, thus restoring optimal balance in fragile and sensitive skin.

SkinMTX® Peptide Serum+ is designed to be used in both in-clinic and at-home settings. In the Aesthetic Clinic or Beauty Salons, it can be used as a pre-procedure prep, or as post-procedure rejuvenative care. Its skin regenerative powers can also be maximized when used as the serum in micro-needling procedures. At home, it can be used daily as an intensive anti-aging repair serum.

Experience this skin regeneration powerhouse that is completely versatile and effective.

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