Maintain Youthfulness and Luminosity of Your Eyes: SkinMTX® Potent Eye Concentrate and Supreme Eye Brightening Gel

Most visible indicators of aging around the eye area are caused by ultraviolet (UV) exposure. The skin around the eyes ages as a result of exposure to UV rays, which cause wrinkles and sunspots, as well as looseness in the skin around your eyes. Squinting in the sun can also cause crow’s feet and wrinkles to deepen. And as collagen declines, veins become more visible, causing dark circles to appear. Fluids can accumulate more easily in thin skin and cause puffiness under the eyes.

SkinMTX® Potent Eye Concentrate and Supreme Eye Brightening Gel are the optimum solution for restoring skin elasticity by supplying nutrients. This powerful duo, when used in unison can help to get rid of puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes, and wrinkles within a few weeks.

SkinMTX® Potent Eye Concentrate is carefully formulated with phytonutrient and vitamin mix that helps to strengthen elastin fibers and protect sensitive skin from environmental aggressors. The concentrate, which contains Ginseng complex, promotes skin metabolism and collagen-building activities, resulting in a younger and brighter look.

SkinMTX® Supreme Eye Brightening Gel is created with high-performing actives to encourage the outflow of excess fluid, while brightening actives help to lessen the appearance of dark circles. The eyes are left appearing youthfully lively and contoured, with a relaxing effect.

With its unique blend of sophisticated actives that are carefully chosen for their rich nourishing constituents, SkinMTX’s eye solutions provides efficient treatment for skin conditions that regularly affect the delicate eyes – helping to smoothen, firm, and tightenS the skin texture around the eyes.

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