‘ALPHA’ Brightening Moisturiser: SkinMTX® Alpha Illuminator

Alpha – referring not only to the superiority of this product, but also to the revolutionary brightening active it contains – Alpha Arbutin!

Over the years, many skin brightening products have emerged, hydroquinone being one of them. Hydroquinone has long been considered the gold standard for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. However, it has also been shown to cause chronic adverse effects such as exogenous ochronosis, cataract, pigmented colloid milia, sclera, and nail pigmentation, loss of elasticity of the skin, impaired wound healing and even DNA damage. Concerns of these effects have limited the usage of hydroquinone.

Alpha Arbutin has been proven to have far superior results², even when compared to its chemically-similar molecules – hydroquinone and beta arbutin. In addition to higher efficacy, it also boasts a better safety profile compared to hydroquinone, and is more stable when compared to beta arbutin. These characteristics makes it the ideal active for the brightening of complexion and minimization of dark spots on the skin.

An ‘alpha’ indeed!

Alpha Arbutin is a safe and efficacious active that provides superior brightening and spot-prevention properties. It is a botanically-derived active extracted from berries that works by reducing melanin reserves (in the skin’s keratin layer), and gradually lightening and weakening new and existing melanin spots. It assists in the blocking of epidermal melanin biosynthesis¹, therefore helping to prevent the formation of pigmentation right from the start. Besides that, it also targets existing melanin deposits by shattering them to reveal a clear, luminous complexion within a shorter time.

SkinMTX® Alpha Illuminator is formulated with an intricate blend of actives selected for their compelling skin-lightening and moisturising effects. Apart from Alpha Arbutin, an optimal blend of seven plants from the Swiss Alps is added into the formulation for amplified brightening activity and reduction of spots to unify skin complexion, along with potent antioxidants and natural filters to strengthen skin’s defenses against the harsh environment.

SkinMTX® Alpha Illuminator, the solution to a faster, safer, and more comprehensive brightening system for a crystal-clear, clarified complexion.

Refined and resplendent skin is within reach!

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¹WO 01/60324 Pentapharm Japan 

² In vivo skin-lightening study on 80 Chinese descent women demonstrated that an emulsion containing 1% Alpha-Arbutin resulted in a faster and more pronounced skin lightening effect after 1 month when compared with other commonly used single components at 1 % use levels.